About us

Exquisite African / Global Cuisine “A true taste of Calabar” – Winner of the Hospitality AwardBB Awards 2007, 2008

Canaan Restaurant is an award winning exquisite African / Global Cuisine established in January 2007 with the sole aim of providing the best Nigerian cuisine in London. The team are passionate about true experience of serving menu with cutting-edge dishes that taste as good as they look. The art presentation and mouth-watering aromas make it impossible for customers to stay away. In recognition of our achievements, we have experience a rapid increase in our customer base and won many awards.

The award-winning fully licensed restaurant blends a rich tapestry of flavours inspired by Calabar, a city in the cross river state, Nigeria. You can experience authentic mouth-watering cuisine cooked according to its best traditions. We also provide outside catering services to organisations, functions as well as for all your social events such as parties, weddings, christenings, etc. You can even hire our restaurant for your event as well as purchase cakes for all your occasions.

So for an authentic oasis of African charm and atmosphere, come to Canaan Restaurant for “A true taste of Calabar!”